Addicted To Power In Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being E

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Along both literacy and human history us humans have shown clearly examples of truly desire of power, we always want more and more. In history we can see people like Adolf Hitler who had an amazing desire for power and that’s how Nazis became so powerful. Also in Oscar Wilde’s literary piece “The Importance of Being Earnest” we can see clear examples on how humans are “addicted” to power and the rush that comes with it. In “The Importance of Being Earnest”, Ernest is a fictional figure created by Jack and later on adopted by Algernon. They both like the idea of having a second life where they can be free, the fact that Ernest exist shows how both Jack and Algernon love the idea of controlling situations where they can escape easily. Jack falls in love with Gwendolen and wants to propose to her, towards Act II Algernon shows up in Jacks country posing like Jack’s brother Ernest …show more content…
Tom has a mother and a sister, Amanda and Laura. Tom is the head of the family, with his shoe factory job provides helps in a financial perspective to both Amanda and Laura, Tom really care about Laura but he is annoyed with the fact that his mother, Amanda, won’t let him alone so he “escapes” and goes to the movies every night. Tom later decides that good idea to follow his father’s step, which implies leaving Laura and Amanda behind. His daily struggle with power the dependence that Laura and Amanda have towards this makes him a solid ground for both his mother and sister to fall in. Without Tom Laura and Amanda have no way to be financially independent, and this minimal fact gives Tom a whole new level of power therefore he decides to finally leave, leaving Amanda and Laura on their own destiny. At the end of the play, now that Tom does not have any power, starts regretting his decision of leaving his highly precious sister Laura and his annoying but loving mother

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