Essay about The Importance Of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde

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Oscar Wilde is well known for the satire involved within his plays. The Importance of Being Earnest is not an exception to this. Wilde created a brilliant comedy that mocked different aspects of the Victorian lifestyle and unrealistic ideals. Part of the brilliance within this satirical piece is that Wilde mocked the very people that constructed his audience. While the play may be mocking of its own audience, it also draws them in by creating a relatable unrealistic world. In order to identify satire within a literary piece, one must know what satire is. Satire is defined as a humorous way to show that someone or something is foolish (Satire, 2015). It is used in literature as a way to make fun of ridiculous things that people tend to see as important. Literary satire is “not the greatest type of literature” (Highet, 1962, pp. 3, para. 1), but it is one of the most memorable (Highet, 1962, pp. 3). As in many of his other plays, Wilde uses satire to gain a comedic relation with his audience (Reinert, 1956, pp. 15). He does this by formulating his plays as tools to point out flaws within society (Jordon, 1954, pp. 101). This form of social criticism creates an unrealistic, but relatable, presence within his plays, which the audience is able to pick up on and share thoughts about. This leads to his audience not only having the ability to find comedy within the play, but also to be able to discuss the unrealistic events that it is made up of.
Satire is shown through The…

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