Becoming A Crime Officer Essay

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When becoming an officer of the law there is a few, things you should take into consideration, especially when you are the first to arrive at the crime scene. It is the first arriving officer’s duty to make sure you have the suspect in custody, if there is any, secure the crime scene, then you must attend to the victim to see if they need any medical assistance. You must also collect evidence from the crime scene, while being careful to not contaminate the crime scene. It is also important to know which kind of search you must conduct in different situations.

The first officer arriving at the crime scene must approach it slowly and methodically. He or she must make sure that they have a game plan set before arrival. The officer must know what kind of crime has occurred and to whom. It may be necessary to make an
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This is why it is important to have a game plan in effect before arriving. Officers should make notes on everything he sees or hears on and around the crime scene. It is also important to write down statements from both parties as this can be used in court. The time, date, where it happened even down to the weather is all necessary. The more detailed your notes are, the better it makes for evidence.

Upon arrival to the crime scene the officer must have knowledge of the proper way to black of this type of crime scene. Each crime scene has different elements that come into play on the proper way of blocking it off as to not contaminate the crime scene or ruin the evidence. For example, in a murder scene you might block off the street whole house depending if the crime occurred in the house. If it occurred outdoors, they may block off the entire block of where the crime occurred. An officer uses many different tools for blocking of a crime scene. They may use yellow crime scene tape, cones and police vehicles block off the area. They may even use other officers in the

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