The Importance Of Assessment In Education

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We have spent the semester learning about the different types of assessment, their primary uses, and the methods by which they can be carried out. Additionally, we have focused on the pros and cons of different methodologies, and extinguished any misconceptions in the surrounding realm. Co-creating quizzes allowed each member of the class a hands-on experience working with assessments in the way of creating questions that will provide a means to measure and judge outcome achievement. Snowman and McCown (2013) suggest that assessment is one of the most integral aspects of teaching. As future educators, it is imperative we learn the skills needed to set our students up for success. Participating in activities of this nature provides us with an opportunity to perform a task within our peer group, evaluate our performance, reflect on the outcomes, and plan actions to correct any weaknesses, with a goal of being more successful in the future. …show more content…
As Snowman and McCown (2013) point out, there are many benefits to using peer-created and graded assessments. As explained by TeachSource, having students assess their classmates encourages them to view the information in very different ways, and to consider what they think the most significant pieces are (317). A project of this nature not only familiarizes students with tasks they will eventually (presumably) come to excel at, but it also introduces the concept and practical use of alternative forms of assessment. By seeing how these ideas play out first hand, we will come to be more comfortable “thinking outside the box” to constantly create new ideas for ways to assess, and apply them in our own classrooms. With assessment holding such high stakes in education, it is imperative that we gain experience working with the types of material that will equip us with skills for future

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