Essay on The Importance Of Assessment And Learning Outcomes

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A good way to understand the importance of assessment is to think about learning outcomes. If students automatically learned what they were taught, we would never need to assess; we could instead just keep records of what we had taught. But every teacher knows, many students do not learn what they are taught. Willoughby (2010) argued that “No two students enter a classroom with identical abilities, experiences, and needs. Learning style, language proficiency, background knowledge, readiness to learn, and other factors can vary widely within a single class group”. It is impossible to predict with any certainty what students will learn as the result of a particular sequence of classroom activities. We have to assess because we cannot teach well without finding out where our students are starting from. Even if all our students started out at the same point (a highly unlikely situation!), each of them will have reached different understandings of the material being studied within a very short period of time. That is why assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning—it is only through assessment that we can find out whether what has happened in the classroom has produced the learning we intended (Wiliam 2011).

Whereas e-learning has been part of our educational vernacular for some time, e-assessment is a fairly new term. The term e-assessment was internationally published for the first time in 2000; nowadays it is about to replace terms that…

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