Assessment In The Classroom

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Before I took this class, I had a very bad idea of what assessment was, and in my head I kept going back to teachers that, in my opinion, didn’t have a good grasp of what assessment should be used for. In the first weeks this class, I really started to understand why assessment is so important. Assessment is important because the teacher can understand what students know and don’t know. Without assessment, it would be hard for a teacher to help students improve in their classroom because there would be no marker to show improvement. There would be no way to be sure that every student is on the same page in class. In my first reflection, I was really critical of assessment, and I didn’t believe in it whole heartedly. After completing this class, …show more content…
In school whenever I thought about standardized test, I only thought about myself and how it affected me as a student, but as an educator, I really never understood how I should go about it. Something that I realized was that a lot of my teachers act bummed out whenever standardized test would come around. They would use phrases like "I 'm so sorry that you have to take this test" or "I hate these tests just as much as you do," yet in this class we, discussed how much they can affect the student. One of the things that we talked about was to try not to affect students test by not acting negatively whenever standardized tests came along. Thinking back, I realize that my school tried to combat this by giving us snacks during and after the test to try and give us a motivation to complete it to the best of our ability even though we had negative attitudes about the standardized test. Really smart and it 's something that every school should utilize, and I feel really strongly about not talking bad about standardized test in front of my students. In my own classroom, I’m going to try and be really positive about standardized tests when I give them because I want my students to succeed, and I want to be an advocate in my school about trying to stay positive about these

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