The Importance Of An Investment Bank

What is an Investment Bank? What does he do? Why would a company use one?
An investment bank is a financial company that assists well-to-do individuals, corporations, and governments in raising funds by underwriting or acting as an agent in issuing securities. An investment bank may also assist companies with mergers and acquisitions that may provide support services in trading of various securities. There are significate procedures put in place to help investment bankers regulate businesses practices like registration, loan syndication to raise large amounts of capital, and market making for profits.
Registration, Under the Securities Act of 1933 was put in place to ensure investor received significant information about securities being offered
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Covenants in finance usually relate to terms in a financial contract. An example of a covenant would be a loan document declaring the limit that a borrower will lend in the future. Covenants are put in place by lenders to protect them from borrowers not meeting their financial obligations that may be harmful to the business. Most loan agreements need a ratio of the whole debt to a certain amount of earning not to exceed a certain amount, ensuring a company doesn’t get more that that it can afford. Understanding bank loan covenants is very important to all business. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, maintain business assurance, maintain your collateral, provide financial statements and probably most importantly it maintains certain levels of financial ratios. Collateral is an asset used to guarantee the repayment of a loan and that the borrower makes the contractually obligated loan payments on time, if not they will lose their asset. Restrictive loan covenant put limitations on what a borrower can do or refrain from doing. These restrictions usually depend on the level of risk the investor takes. The loan covenants required by banks are typically regulated with financial standards or ratios. Failure to comply with financial debt covenants by any amount may result in a loan default which can have severe penalties. In corporations they use shareholders and give them voters rights to help make some these tough decisions in business. Shareholder voting rights give shareholders an opportunity to monitor management choices and to approve or disapprove decisions, based on the given information. Voting rights kind of serve as an actual corporate gauge tool; they could work out manager and shareholder conflict of interest by discouraging managers from engaging in value damaging acquirements. Voting rights serve as a device to screen managerial

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