The Importance Of Acceptance In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave?

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Would it be easier just to live in the shadows your entire life? Plato 's Allegory of the Cave is about prisoners in a cave that only know one thing, the shadows. One prisoner gets set free and sees a whole different reality than the one known true to him. The allegory teaches that what the unenlightened people see is merely an illusion. My coming out and my self-acceptance with the help of my grandfather parallels the experience of Plato 's prisoner. Like the prisoner, I learned that my preconceptions about what it meant to be gay were way off and that it isn 't just a choice.

In reference to Plato 's Allegory, my cave would be my home, my household. A state of mind in which I was lead to believe that being gay was wrong and
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From what I believe it was a choice, just a phase some people go through. With prayer and repent I could live a happy hopeful life. Gay men live very unhappy lives, they end up alone and never stay faithful. Even in the year 2014, I was still lead to believe that a gay man who slept with just one other man was bound to get aids. If it wasn’t a choice it was just a phase, eventfully I would stop longing and lusting for other men. To make my parent 's most proud someday I would have to find a wife and settle down.

Prisoners honor was an honor I didn’t have. For closeted gay men, it was to just seem to not be gay. It was an easier life for someone who fit into their gender norm and was masculine. There was also therapy that "helped" once gay men find their way to lead a "perfectly normal" life after one of sadness and self-hate. These straight acting gay men never have to deal with constant wonder from people around them what their sexuality is. If you could just suppress the urges and lead a life of normalcy you 'd be just
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I watched so many YouTube videos and read so much online about how it wasn’t really a choice. I had to come out with this unmentionable thing about me and my grandpa felt like the right person, level headed and open minded. I asked him if I could spend Christmas break with him and his family. I came out to him and it was the best thing I had ever done. He told me no, it isn 't a choice, I 'm perfectly fine the way I am. I would always be gay and it was just best if I accepted the fact and live in peace with it rather than hate myself for the rest of my life over something that doesn’t need to cause me pain.

It was time for me to see the sun even if it would take some getting used to. I was gay and there was nothing I could do about it. I need to be happy with who I am so ill take it and make the best of it. At my grandpas, I was able to paint my nails, something I 'd always wanted to do but thought that it was wrong of me. Like me father always had told me, "act like a man, you aren 't a girl". But its ok to do things a little out of the norms, I could be who I wanted to. It made me nervous and scared to be out of the cave but there was no going

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