The Supreme Court Case Brown Vs. Board Of Education Essay

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Yes I do agree that the power of Judicial Review is necessary, to a certain point. The Supreme Court case Brown Vs. Board of Education was one of those eye opener cases that made judicial review be something worth having. On May 17, 1954, the Court unanimously ruled that "separate but equal" public schools for blacks and whites were unconstitutional. The Brown case served as a catalyst for the modern civil rights movement, inspiring education reform everywhere and forming the legal means of challenging segregation in all areas of society.

After Brown, the nation made great strides toward opening the doors of education to all students. If the case was up to the people, who knows are schools would probably still be separated. I do believe there are certain cases that the Supreme Court has had to rule on that the people should of made a decision, like the case, like the Apr. 28, 2015 case, The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges over whether or not gay marriage is a right guaranteed by the US Constitution, and whether or not gay marriages performed in states where it has been legalized must be recognized in states which ban the practice. This case I felt shouldn’t even had been a case. I feel telling someone that is in love with other person regardless of race, what church they go too or sex, that they cant marriage that person. I feel like gay people felt as if they wouldn’t human enough to freely do as they please when it came to marriage. I do…

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