The Importance Of Aboriginal Circles

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Register to read the introduction… Its surface is composed of several circles expressing the significance of the world. Circles are part of the natural order of creation – from the water cycle to the seasons to the cycle of birth and death – and as such, the circle signifies transformation and movement (Aboriginal Worldviews). In fact, the circle is a sacred motif representing the cycles of life. Therefore, Indigenous people were educated to show respect and responsibility to their surroundings. Since without lands, they would not be able to ensure their survival. Apart from the natural order of creation, the circle refers interdependence as well. In Aboriginal culture, the survival of each life form is connected to the survival of all others (Aboriginal Worldviews). In fact, every species within the food chain are equal and important, since they depend on one another for survival. The loss of one species endangers the others within the food-chain. Therefore, the circle is a sacred symbol explaining relationships between numerous elements of

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