The Importance Of A Systematic Oppression Created By White People

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‘Who am I?’ was the first question I asked myself the first day of lecture. It’s an odd question to ask oneself when I should know everything about me, but I would not have a proper answer for someone if they had asked me who I was. When asked to write how I identify myself, I only had three words on my paper. Asian. American. Female. I have never taken any consideration on my identity. But, as the class ran its course, I have learned more about others and myself, and what intersectionality truly means. I also learned that I am given certain advantages and disadvantages regarding my race, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of others. The advantages and disadvantages are due to a systematic oppression created by white people. Africana Studies taught me how racism is not only a personal problem but also a deeper problem, especially in a nation supported by a systematic racism that puts marginalized people at a disadvantage. As author Beverly Daniel Tatum mentions, “as all students gain a better grasp of what racism is and its many manifestations in U.S. society, they inevitably start to recognize its legacy within themselves” (Tatum). Africana Studies expanded my understanding towards different subject whether it was race, feminism, important terms that describes one’s identity, the problems of America supported by a systematic racism, and more. Through this class, I was able to create a personal narrative for myself.
My narrative started with identifying who I am…

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