The Importance Of A High School Freshman Essay

1297 Words Sep 21st, 2015 null Page
Growing up, I always had an extremely difficult time finding friends. Of course, if you look over the awkwardness and the ginormous gap in between my teeth, I was the perfect friend. I did not start connecting with kids my age until middle school. It was there where good ol’ puberty actually hit me like a dump truck. It was also there where I meet one of the best friends I have ever had. Her name was Karin and we both complimented each other’s quirkiness and I guess that is how we connected. We grew progressively closer as we went through middle school and eventually high school. High school is the glorified palace for kids who want to actually believe they are adults. I remember we were so eager. We were, obviously, the definition of a high school freshman. We were the ones rushing to class, scared the bell would ring faster than our little legs could move. We were the ones who thought we were so popular when an upperclassman talked to us, especially a boy. We were the ones excited to experience what it is like to go on a date where the guy drove us in his rundown car. It was new wandering around this place trying to find your classroom before school started. I remember the days we thought we were on top of the world when in reality we were in the bottle of the social food chain. I went from a shy, quiet girl to a confident woman who knew she was unstoppable. Through high school we made new friends together and our bond was un-destroyable, or so we had thought. The end…

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