The Importance Of A Christmas Tree

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Register to read the introduction… This is when we all slowly retrieve the carefully wrapped ornaments out of boxes and jointly decide where to place them on the tree. This is fun because the whole family reminisces about the memories behind each ornament, and it is a time where we can remember each and every Christmas we have had together. For example, I can now look back on ornaments I made my parents when I was in grade school. One I can clearly recall is a grey tabby cat that I painted for my mom. I remember that I put a lot of time and effort into making it perfect because I wanted it to be the best gift that my mom received that year. We never light our tree until Christmas Eve, so at midnight on the night before Christmas Eve, an irrepressible excitement overcomes my siblings and me as we are able to see our Christmas Tree come to life. Each year the tree is decorated beautifully with candy canes, ribbons, and ornaments of all shapes and colors. My family rejoices in the beauty of the tree. Every year, it is an amazing sight. Christmas at my house has become a cherished celebration that will be imprinted in my heart

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