The Implications Of Alcoholic Parents We Must Use An Integrative Multidimensional Approach

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Ramifications of the Problem
To understand the ramifications of alcoholic parents we must use an integrative multidimensional approach, by taking into account the biological, psychological and social dimensions in order to assess social behavior and functioning. The biological dimension is very important to understand predispositions to certain genetic abnormalities and inclinations. As stated by Professor Strickler (2016) the biophysical dimension help us look at the person as a physical organism, biological entity, a cell, an organ and physiological systems that represent the material substance of a person. In addition, the biological dimension takes into account the growth, development, general health status and exposure to toxins in the environment (Strickler L., theories perspectives power point slides personal communication). Growth includes new cells and increased body size. Development are changes and improvement of body components, and achieving milestones and prenatal exposure. The development of the brain begins during pregnancy and continues after birth. Exposure to an alcoholic parent can increase developmental delays of the young child. Berger (2005) noted that during the infancy period the brain development is at rapid growth and is considered that by “age 2 the brain is about 75 percent of adult weight” (Berger, 2005, p.125). At this stage of development, the dendrites of the brain frontal cortex increases and myelination of the neurons continues from head…

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