The Implementation Of The Business Re Engineering Project Essay

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1. Introduction
During the implementation of the Business re-engineering project at CATA4, Chris Miller often found himself in perplexed situations yet he still managed to lead the project to a successful completion. Despite being a success, Cata4’s “Business Process Re-engineering” project had short-comings due to unsuccessful carrying out of some project management issues which are efficacious for a smooth and successful delivery of the project. To ensure a tranquil process to deliver a change project, an important aspect to look at is for an organization to align its business and project strategies to prolong its potential to deliver its promise. “The goals must be clearly linked to the organization’s business strategy otherwise; successful change becomes an even larger challenge” [Cheryl Yaeger, 2006]. Although, no change process is hurdle free, a well-structured governance structure is a major fundamental for successful execution of change initiatives in alignment to business strategies [Cheryl Yaeger, 2006]. Since, the role of a well-structured “governance structure” is pivotal to any organization, so was it in the change project carried out by CATA4.
The reason I chose this topic is due to its effectiveness, ability, and importance to successful optimization of management of projects [Too, Weaver, 2013]. Furthermore, I will focus on the key elements which are necessitous to construct an effective project governance framework [Too, 2013; Weaver, 2013]. These key…

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