The Implementation Of Electronic Health Records And Constant Change

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Health Information Services departments are facing growth within their field resulting from the “implementation of electronic health records and constant change in the health care delivery system” (Layman, 2011). In an attempt to curb the negatives affects these changes will have on company employees, managers have synthesized information about goals, motivations, and job enrichment within their departments to ensure that a profitable solution can be reached before potential problems reach critical mass. First, companies must assess whether or not their current goal structure is efficient and pertinent to the actual product. Second, managers must establish universal principles regarding job enrichment. In the case of the HIS departments, these principles established a strong core designed to address the question of esteem as a motivator for productive employees.
Principles of Goal Setting
Because of the need for different, additional roles within HIS departments, there has been an influx of new functions and goals. Primarily, HIS departments used the “DESIGN” mnemonic, which represents Detect, Enlist, Secure, Identify, Get feedback, and Note (Layman,
2011). This goal setting structure is fairly comprehensive, covering data gathering regarding outdated protocols, all the way through the worker integration step, and then follows through to future feedback and effects. It is crucial that HIS departments not only set goals for productivity, but also provide themselves with an…

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