Bullying In Today's Society

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Bullying is defined as any uninvited or intended belligerent behavior whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, towards those, considerably children, a part of a educational system. Thinking to myself, I believe that bullying is one of the biggest problems amongst our society today. Though bullying occurs all over the world, many fail to realize the severity in which it withholds. Millions every year are affected by bulling in some form, some even taking their lives due to the additional pain brought on by this horrible curse. One of the biggest problems with bulling are the ways in which it's composed. Like bullying being such a big problem, the most popular ways that bullies are bullying in today's society, are by way of the internet, …show more content…
Physical bullying is defined as a form of bullying in which one is subjected to the physical violence involving striking, smacking, shoving, expectorating of one's bodily fluids, also known as "spitting" (Bully Statistics), and or the destruction of personal property. Along with cyber bullying, physical bullying also occurs at an alarming rate. Those considered weaker than most, or than others are seen as victims to bullies, pouring out signs of weakness at every corner, hoping to keep themselves hidden from they can't seem to camouflage themselves from. For children, teens, and young adults, returning home every day from what seems like an endless and undefeatable game. Physical bullying is no joke, or game, however more like a criminal in its own that is on top of the most wanted list. On makebeatsnotbeatdowns.org, around "282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month" as well as "160,000 children miss school everyday due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students" (MBNBD). These two statistics show that students and children are afraid to a point of their education being directly affected. Signs that someone may be experiencing bullying of the physical extent are displayed by noticeable contusions, marks, wounds, or "unexplained injuries" (Bully Statistics). Additionally, those going through physical bullying may show feelings resembling that of unhappiness, thoughts or talks of execution of his or herself, and even trying to get

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