The Impact Of Western Interaction On The World Essay

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During the 20th century, the world faced many challenges and inventions. For example, at the turn of the century the Wright brothers’ invention of the plane changed the world commercially and militarily. The world faced evil in two world wars and the rise of communism. Additionally, the creation of the atomic and hydrogen bomb caused a type of uncertainty unrivaled in the world at the time. The question looms on whether the interaction from the West produced an overall beneficial or detrimental effect on the world. Western interaction produced an overall beneficial effect in the world and proven through the elements of national power, otherwise DIME model.
First of all, post-World War II, Western intervention led by the United States illustrated a positive diplomatic and economic approach to world issues. In the period of cooperation immediately after the war - the establishment of a collection of nations through the United Nations, the Nuremburg trials begin, the signing of peace treaties with Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Finland materialized. Additionally, the initiation of the Marshall Plan, an economic stimulus plan originally designed for all Europe transpired. Relations, however, deteriorated by a process of action and reaction publicly manifested by Winston Churchill 's Fulton speech in the spring of 1947 in which he referred to as the Iron Curtain. The Soviet takeover of European satellites, the Truman Doctrine, the formation of NATO, the Communization of…

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