The Impact Of Western Expansion On The Early America Essays

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Throughout my readings and the videos, I have watch to learn more about the history. I have learned a lot. I learned a lot about the Western expansion in the Early America and how some of the events that occurred were justified. I learned why it was important to expand new lands. Why some people were treated worse than others and how beliefs influenced a lot of people on what they wanted to do and who they supported. All of these things has made Latino countries have a relationship with the United States, both of them are currently working on improving each other and working together for the people.
There are a few events that could’ve stirred up the western expansion was when the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican war. The treaty of Hidalgo sets political boundaries and made some issues to deal with easier. What only was fighting over territory became racism between the cultural differences and language. Since the Americans took over land, Mexican territory was secured and dominated, this was a sign of Americans taking over wealth. Without this agreement there would had still been conflict between what land belong to who. Exchanging land for a lot of money can not happen anymore these days because people realize that money is just money and it is more valuable to have land that can be worked on and produced more money than the money the person wants to buy it for. Mexican territory was was supposed to be decided by the people who now were part of the land,…

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