The Impact Of The EU On European Football

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The impacts of the EU on European football in terms of Freedom Movement of players

The EU influences on European football in many areas, but this essay will outline about the EU impact on freedom movement of players. The EU’s single market governing to sport, thus it became politicized (Parrish, 2003). It has impacted players mobility including the improvement of player’s right to be equal as EU citizens’ legal status (Parrish, 2002). Thus, the mobility of athletes in sport is benefited by the removal of barriers (Barnard, 2013)

Before Bosman case

Prior to Bosman case, there are several cases that related to the effect of EU freedom movement of workers. In 1976 Dona v. Mantero case, which the ECJ approved the imposition on foreign players
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Parrish and Mcardle (2004) uphold that Bosman case was an evidence of inconsistence between EU law on freedom movement and the transfer system player quotas.
After Bosman case, the Commission became an active actor to liberalize the players market (García, 2007; García, 2008). In 1996 the Commission inform FIFA and UEFA that is was launching violation scheme against the continued use of their international transfer system and the 3+2 rules on foreign players (McCutcheon, 2002; Parrish, 2002). As a result, nationality quotas has been relieved in all matches except in component of national teams and international and domestic transfer system has been demolished (Parrish, 2001). Therefore, FIFA and UEFA must completely follow the Court’s ruling in Bosman (García, 2008; Parrish, 2002). Despite, UEFA’s rules have only limited the number of foreigners playing in any match but they still restricted to freedom of movement (Parrish and Mcardle, 2004). Meanwhile, nationality quotas were claimed to prevent monopolization of most talented players in leading clubs, but the ECJ rejected this argument (McCutcheon, 2002). Contrary, freedom of movement has effected on competition law by decreasing the ability of EU clubs to buy best players in the market so it prevent small clubs to improve their sport performances (Pearson,

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