The Impact Of Television On American Culture Essay

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A saying I like to live by is everything happens for a reason that is how I would describe the 1990s because it was chock full of tragedy and opportunity that inspired American culture today. Whether that is learning from the mistakes that were made during this time period or learning to grasp life by the horns and take advantage of every opportunity presented no matter how small. The three areas of American culture I think were impacted the most by the 90s were television, gender roles, and film

Television has been an essential part of American society for a while now, but I believe its popularity grew leaps and bounds in the 90s for many reasons, but most important is the satisfaction of instant gratification. This characteristic is a vital piece of generation X that television provided allowing the world to be informed of the high profile happenings at the drop of a hat. This is an important factor in the 90s because there were a lot of unfortunate situations that affected everybody around the world directly or indirectly. Some of those included the Waco situation, the bombings and most importantly the O.J. Simpson trial because everyone will was a part of this trial because of either the race angle or simply the brutality of what he was being charged with and television made sure you knew exactly what was going on every second of every day the power of television is amazing.
The trial instantly became must watch partially because of his celebrity status being a Hall of…

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