Argument Essay: The Impact Of Student Loan Debt On Society

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Student loan debt is becoming an ever prevailing topic in today’s society. In the current world, most jobs are requiring a college degree for all their employees. With this change in jobs, more and more young adults have decided to attend college. As the price of colleges continues to rise, many students are forced to take out multiple loans. As stated in the article, there is currently about 1.2 trillion dollars in student loan debt currently in the country; about eight million of all students with debt will default on these loans. With this in mind, and the upcoming election in 2016 for President of the United States, many politicians are actively trying to create plans to help reduce the burden of student loans. One politician who is having …show more content…
College graduates will now have the opportunity to utilize new refinance options to help lessen the burden. In the same way, now students who attend a four-year public college or university will not have to take out loans to cover the overall cost of college. In a similar way Hillary Clinton impacts society, the plan will have an impact on my personal life. If the plan is put into effect, I will not be stressing every time a payment is due that I cannot pay for. With the plan, I will be able to the refining options to fall back on if my student loans get to aggressive. Hillary Clinton’s student loan plan, if put into effect, will have a great impact on the personal level of society. If Clinton’s plan is put into effect, the plan could have a positive effect on the economy. Students who would regularly take out loans now do not need to. The money that would originally be used to pay back student loans can now be put back into the economy. Additionally, those who are struggling with debt can take the money that was used to pay off the loans and put it into the economy. Although the plan could be beneficial to the economy, the benefit will most likely go to students and recent graduates and minimally affect others as a

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