Essay about The Impact Of Social Media On Social Movements

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Critical Annotated Bibliography
Research topic: The impact of social media on social movements
Hwang and Kim’s article examines how social media encourages participation in social movements. The study involved surveying young adults mainly college students. The media investigated were traditional media, the Internet and social media. How the media was used was measured by the time of use and the dependency of each medium. The level of social movement participation was measured by the intention to participate and the level of actual participation. The results showed that those who use and depend more on social media have higher intention to participate and a higher level of actual participation in social movements. Therefore, participation was higher among people who were more involved in social media. The study also reviewed the impact of social capital. The article verified that bonding social capital has no effect on the intent to participate in social movements and that bridging social capital does.
The study conducted was mainly quantitative as it involved data sets of the patterns of media usage from the individuals surveyed. This data only reflected on college students and did not generalize towards other demographics. These students also may have used more than one social media site making the results somewhat limited because only one social media platform was used. The article used deductive reasoning to test the hypothesis presented at the beginning of the study.…

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