The Impact Of Social Media On Law Enforcement Essay

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In 1829 Sir Robert Peel, considered to be the father of modern policing, created the Metropolitan Police Force (“The Metropolitan Police how it all began”). During this time police officers communicated by face to face conversations with both fellow officers and also the public. As time and technology progressed, so did law enforcement communication. By 1928 the Detroit, Michigan Police Department first used a one-way radio system, which was soon surpassed in 1933 by the Bayonne, New Jersey Police Department with the use of the two-way radio (Borelli, 2015). Along with this the 1930s was the turning point where police departments began mass use of the automobile. Fast forward to 2016 and technological communication in law enforcement has shifted dramatically. Today’s technological advances have benefited law enforcement agencies in many ways such as the use of infield computers, and the use of social media; however, social media has negatively impacted agencies regarding privacy issues as well as sensitive information being leaked before the proper time.
Use of Infield Computers As technology has progressed, the cost of using newer technology has decreased. This has lead the widespread use of infield computers in police squad cars (Roberts, 2011). Roberts (2011) goes on to explain the multiple uses of infield computers such as • Record management
• Crime investigation
• Information sharing
• Dispatch
• Crime analysis
• Crime mapping
• Automated fingerprint…

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