The Future Of Race Relations

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Barack Obama is the first African-American President in the Unites States. According to NBC News, in 2013 a poll indicated 52% of Americans had a positive view towards race relations. Throughout the first term of President Obama, about seven in ten Americans stated the issue with race relations was good. Shortly after President Obama was elected as President for the first term, 77% of Americans gave a positive assessment on the issue.
However, during President Obama’s second term of office, there has been a dramatic increase in racial discontent. Race relations is a sensitive subject for people all across the United States. “African Americans now rank race relations as the most important issue facing the country.” (Calfas, 2015) In June of
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Some experts have been working on how race relations will look in the future. “In his new book, ‘The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050,’ Joel Kotkin offers thoughts on what the census will reveal in the next 40 years.” (Membis, 2010) In his book, he also states that by 2050 the majority of the United States will become non-white. Kotkin states that there will be an increase of interracial marriages. In today’s society, interracial marriages are accepted more than they were years ago. The younger population of America accept different race couples. Although the future may look bright to experts and the younger population accepts interracial couples, Kotkin states that he thinks the “racial issue will always be there. Race won 't disappear, but it won 't be the marker it was at one time.” People will eventually have different attitudes toward racial …show more content…
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