The Impact Of Race On American History Essay

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From the 1400s to 1750, there were various factors that affected American history, but none more substantial than race. Since Columbus stepped foot on the New World, up until the colonies became established, race has played a vital role in American history. Whether we discuss African Americans and the Atlantic Slave Trade, the relationships with the Natives, or the English, the significance that race had on the social hierarchy, labor, and the lack of order in American society is undeniable. When analyzing the role of race in American history, there is not a more notable place to being than the affect race had on labor in the New World. Before the enslavement of Africans, a lot of colonies relied on Indians as their source of labor, which quickly failed because the Indians were unable to endure the excessive labor and lack of proper diet. The natives also were not able to build up an immunity to the diseases of the English. (Northrup, 3) Succeeding the Indians, were the indentured servants. Colonies relied on English indentured servants as their next source of labor, which also bared various disadvantages. Indentured servants were only contracted as servants for a couple of years and after their contract ran up, they expected land in return. Indentured servants were also able to easily runaway and mask themselves as a free man, in a way the Indians could not. (Northrup, 3) After the lack of success of the Indians and indentured servants, came the Atlantic Slave Trade, in…

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