The Impact Of Provision Within The Uk Essay example

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The Early Years Curriculum has developed over time from 1944. The background of the progress of legislation and reports through the years will be shown in a timeline. The developments of provision within the UK will demonstrate the changes through the years and the adoptions made to enhance provision.
The Early Years Curriculum since 1944 has been culminated through legislation and reports. From the start of 1944, The Education Act supported the concept of nursery education which leads to the growth of provision in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Although there was progress being made, economic difficulties took place in England during the Second World War, resulting in the provision being compromised (Wall, 2011). Following on from the Education Act 1944 the next key legislation is the Plowden Report 1967. Gillard (2004), states that the Report focuses on curriculum which looks at children and their needs, interests and play which helps children to learn. This was the first report that showed the importance of Early Years provision; however, these developments only occurred within inner cities where it was seen to be the prime areas (CACE, 1967). In 1996 there had been little change to the provision in early years for children aged three to four years. The Nursery Education and Grant Maintained Schools Act 1996 was passed by the Conservative government. This Act allowed more children to attend nursery due to vouchers being made accessible, allowing children to attend more…

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