Essay on The Impact Of Media On American Culture

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In 1801, scientists began the first experiments to try to create holographic images (Winston, 1998, p. 388). While they have not yet perfected this craft, sometime in the near future, these images will start breaking into the scene. Technology is always advancing. Since its beginning, the media has made great strides to get to where it is today. Because of the progress that has been made, society in American has changed drastically. Over time, the media has developed and advanced to impact American culture in distinct ways. Because media is such a large part of today’s society, people often do not think about where it all started. It would be difficult to pinpoint exactly when it began because the creation of media in one way or another has been going on for centuries. Media originated in writing. The first regularly published newspaper was the Oxford Gazette starting in 1655 (Mairal, 2006, p. 68). Newspapers were the most typical form of media until the phonograph was invented. Thomas Edison had the idea for it when he was working on inventing the telephone and telegraph. The idea that a machine could talk by itself was remarkable to the people back in 1877 (Gitelman, 2006, p. 25). But indeed it was created, and was a big hit. They were placed around town for people to listen to. Using a nickel-in-the slot-machine, a patron could listen to pre-recorded music for a nickel. Phonograph companies started advertising in newspapers and monthly magazines. According the…

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