The Impact Of Icts On Social Movement Essay

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The impact of ICTs on social movement in China: Xiamen Anti-PX demonstration.

INTRODUCION The past decade has seen the rapid development of information communication technologies (ICTs) in China. For example, “China has become the biggest mobile communication carrier in the world since 2001.” (Jun and Hui, 2010). The advanced communication technology is an important component in the social movements and plays a key role in environmental activism. As Hung Chin-Fu (2013) point out, the civil groups, activists and even politics and governments are using the internet to carry out a significant number of social movements or political events in this information age.This essay will assess the impact of information communication technologies (ICTs) on the social movement in China using the case of Xiamen anti-PX demonstration. This paper has been divided into three parts, the first part deals with the cyberconflict theory which is the synthesis of social movement theory, conflict theory and media theory, according to Karatzogianni and Robinson (2014), and the research method; And the second part will describes Xiamen anti-PX demonstration in March 2007, with regard to the temporal political and media environment in China, and the process and phase of this protest; at last the results of this protest will be estimated. Finally, the impact of ICTs on the Xiamen anti-PX demonstration will be evaluated utilizing the cyber conflict theory.

Cyberconflict theory This paper…

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