The Impact Of Globalization On The United States Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice community is always evolving, there are changes in technology that have caused shockwaves through the system that reach an international level. In the review of the current system, the impact of globalization on the United States criminal justice system will be assessed, as well as comparing and contrasting the international criminal justice systems. Which include Civil Law, Common Law, Islamic Law, and Socialist Law traditions. Additionally, the impact that cybercrime and technology have on the worldwide justice system, and the differences between the policing systems that exist throughout the world will be examined. Finally, the major crimes and criminal issues that have a global impact on the justice systems around the world will be appraised.
[Globalization and the U.S. Criminal Justice System [In the last quarter century the criminal justice system has become more internationalized, this has had a profound effect on the system in the United States. Arising in the 1980’s- 1990’s the real impact of international crime was being felt, the Mexican drug cartels were gaining strength, and driving to a peak in cocaine importation (Gootenberg, 2016). Also, human trafficking, while having a long history in the United States, has been becoming more popular as the internet opened up the world and made it easy for traffickers to conduct business. In addition, in 1994 the world discovered the truth of genocide in Rwanda, where 800,000 people were thought to…

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