The Impact Of Globalization On The Development Of Rural Tourism

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1. Introduction
This report analyzes two impacts resulted from the globalization in Spain. After introducing the key data of the country, the analysis discuss the impact of global forced displaced migration in Spain and the impact of globalization on the development of rural tourism.

2. Country Overview
Spain is a Southern European country bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Demographically, the Spanish density by population is 92 persons per km2 (WDI, 2016) distributed among the Spanish the Iberian Peninsula territory (with the exception of Portugal), the Balearic Islands and the North African territory (The Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla).

Spain is a rich country in cultural heritage due to the historical legacy started since the Neolithic Period. Spanish culture received the influence of the Phoenicians and the Greeks through trade activities. Moreover, Spain was in contact with the Roman Empire (IIIth B.C) and the Muslim civilization (VIth B.C) as result of the Conquest.

One of the most remarkable events in the historical context is the discovery America in 1492 and the subsequent colonization process during the XVIth and XVIIth century. To date, as result of Spanish Conquest, the linkages between Spanish and the South American countries have a significant role in the cultural, economic and political activities.

Politically, Spain is formed by 17 autonomous communities which are under the Spanish legislation of the central government…

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