The Impact Of Environmental Influences On African Americans Academic Performance

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The Impact of Environmental Influences on African Americans Academic Performance
Your environment plays an important role on who you are and what you become. Statistics have proven that African Americans are more likely, than any other race, to drop out of school, perform incompetently on standardize test, and are less likely to attend college than European Americans. Many scholars have linked academic underachievement to lack of support and low motivation. People who are exposed to uncaring and unsupportive environments are likely to have low self-esteem and feelings of neglect; as a result, they tend to perform poorly in school. Conversely, researchers have discovered that when African American parents protect, nurture, and prepare their children for life’s misfortunes, it increases their chances for academic success. Other scholars have linked African American student’s educational underachievement to racial discrimination. Due to the belief that one race is superior to the other, access to suitable education, proper nutrient and resources (technology, extra curriculum activities, funding’s, tutoring, etc.) have all been systematically distributed, with the distribution being unfavorable of African Americans. While these results introduce supportive evidence, further research is essential in order to explain the relationship between environmental influences and academic performance in the African American community.
Ecclesa, Wongb, and Pecka (2006), have acquired data…

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