The Impact Of Effective Communication, Conflict Management, Decision Making

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This essay will provide an account of my reflective practice as a member of an action learning set (ALS) group. It will offer an insight into the impact of effective communication, conflict management, decision making, working collaboratively, understanding the responsibilities and roles of leaders in the functioning of teams. This will be followed by team members providing support through contribution in their peers’ professional development in the workplace. A reflective model will be applied in demonstrating my knowledge of working within a team. A conclusion will then be provided, and recommendations made on action plans.

Nevertheless, ALS offers us an opportunity to work with peers from other disciplines of nursing. This in effect provides us with a snapshot of working within a multi-disciplinary team (MDT). MDT is a group of clinicians with various specialised skills aimed at providing patients with person-centred care that meets their identified needs (Cottrell, 2013). It is important for the group to work together as this is a skill required within the MDT in a clinical environment.

Nonetheless, working within a team also enables individuals to progress with their continuous professional development (CPD) as lifelong learners (Royal College of Nursing, 2014). Additionally, the group meetings provided members with the opportunity to discuss issues arising as well as brainstorming on how best to improve practice. In line with the guidelines provided by the Nursing…

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