The Impact Of Data Communication On Modern Day Local Area Networks ( Lans )

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Describe the data communication types used historically and the developments that have led to modern day Local Area Networks (LANs). Detail any emerging technologies and where you think data communications are likely to be in ten year’s time.
The description must be a minimum of 600 words.

One of the data communication types that contributed to the upbringing of the Modern Day LAN was Full Duplex, as it is a form of communication system that provides messages in both direction on the same time. This brought the dawn of gaming as 2 or more computers are connected via Full Duplex, as it connected a lot of gamers to play competitively with other people in real time, this gaming also brought life to the concept of “Computer Rentals” where a lot of people invested money in this type of business that was really profitable in the mid 90’s and early 2000s where owners set up a location near establishments, assemble heaps of computer, connect them into a single host and let everyeadfdsfone play together. As the year goes by, game developers improves their graphics and mechanics to meet up the expectations of their consumers and the critics of the technological world. Because of that type of system, the old LAN connection ran dry, it wasn’t suffice to support massive amount of data to each computer in real time, so engineers developed new ways of communications systems and discovered a breakthrough; to upgrade the current architecture of cables and routers into a…

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