The Impact Of Crime And Incarceration On Society Essay

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Jaden Tabor Mrs. Slous College Bound English 12 (1B) 19 October 2016
The Impact Crime and Incarceration has on Society
Crime and Incarceration is a highly negative topic in our society. Crime has been around for decades. We hear about it on the news, school, work, and many other places. Crime not only affects the people who are incarcerated, but also everyone else around them. In a study where Oregon calculates the cost of incarceration and crime, it shows that the average household spends at least $700 general fund dollars on the criminal justice system (Wilson par 3). The crimes that people commit affect our society, not just themselves. People need to draw more attention to this topic because people think it is not affecting them when in reality these criminals are taking peoples income. Crime will never stop, but it is not acceptable to be paying for crimes that certain people commit when this money could be going to more important resources in our society. “One study found that an average of 6.8 percent of state general funds in 2007 went to correction agencies, making corrections the fifth-largest state budget category (behind health, elementary, and secondary education, higher education and transportation)” (McMillion par 1). Correction agencies are coming between education and health, which are the most important factors in our society. The money that is used for correction…

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