The Importance Of Bullying In Sports

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Bullying is a prominent issue facing youth today and drastic measures have been taken in order to prevent it. Many researchers aim to identify the frequency of bullying, the demographic differences that exist in sport, and examine the impact that bullying has on an athlete’s development. However, when it comes to the legal aspect of bullying, most states do not have any laws protecting individuals from being bullied. In fact, bullying is considered a form of harassment and actually goes hand in hand with anti-discrimination and equal opportunity laws. Although many may think that bullying in sport is an easily avoidable issue, severe cases can be taken to court and examined under the law.
The impact that bullying has in athletics can
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The author also discusses some of the social, emotional, and physical consequences for youth who are significantly effected by bullying.
This article describes the experimental results from observing bullying between athletes and non-athletes. Not only does the article go in to detail on the effects of bullying, but also the hardships some children and teens face because they are unable to defend themselves completely. The higher the level of self-confidence, the less bullying manifested in respect of both genders. Schoolchildren who did not go in for sports and demonstrated high levels of self-confidence were bullied less often.
Bullying in
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The article mainly focused on cases in Massachusetts that have ended up inspiring the enactment of new anti-bully statutes. The author addresses some of the concerns of victimized children. Some aspects of Title IX are present in the article as well.
Bullying and Hazing in Sport
This article discusses the challenges that come with bullying, hazing, and harassment. The author focuses particularly on the hardships young athletes face with their teammates and also describe methods to attempt to solve abusive behavior. Also, the author reviews topics such as the mental health of athletes, the laws and regulations that deal with inappropriate behaviors in youth sports and increased criminalization for the foul behavior.
The article discusses the problem about hazing and bullying in sports. The author explains that adolescents find sportsmanship important which unfortunately makes some of them feel like they must be accepted by any means necessary. The study specifically discusses elements of hazing which can take place in different forms, such as psychological humiliation, excess alcohol consumption, physical violence and sexual abuse. Ultimately, this source attempts to prove that parents and coaches can lend a helping hand when it comes to protecting and defending their

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