The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Essay example

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The panel discussion I attended was focused on the second ⅓ of the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. The panel group discussed Chapters 12-16, seemed to have emphasis on unwritten consent, and how it is effective in current day, the suffering Henrietta Lacks endured alone, along with discussing the obstacles the author Rebecca Skloot had went through to find the true story of the HeLa cells. . Starting off on Chapter 12 ‘The Storm’ the discussion started off about whether the Lacks family was ever compensated and what amount or reward is owed to them. Questions surfaced of whether Dr. Gey had the right to take a sample without consent, however the medical science knowledge that was obtained from that sample has saved so many lives. The question of whether or not the hospital would have treated a white woman the same as Henrietta Lacks. Along with the torture Henrietta Lacks suffered through without the support of loved one or friends A few participants of the panel claim that because of their own family histories white doctors were still not to be trusted. This conversation were very interesting due to the diversity of the issue. It was a concept that I had not even considered being a caucasian women. I have never experienced prejudice or discrimination. The entire group concurred that Henrietta Lacks as a person, not just as HeLa deserves to be recognized and Rebecca Skloot did a amazing job by taking the patience to bring honor to her…

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