The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Essay

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In the story “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” a woman is known for her immortal cells not for herself. Henrietta Lacks was a woman who went into the hospital because she had a knot on her womb. The knot was a tumor and a biopsy was done and it proved it was cancer. While having her procedures the doctor took a piece of the knot and sent it to Dr. George Gey. Dr. Gey cultured her cells and they became fast growing and healthy. These cells would start new scientific advances that not many people had even heard of to that day. This was Henrietta’s story and how she became “immortal” from her cells.

1. Problems begin
Henrietta was a mother of five and she was twenty-nine when she had been telling her cousin that it felt like there was a knot on her womb. Henrietta went to the doctor when she felt the knot and it was bleeding. She went to the doctor and they tested her for syphilis but it tested negative. They sent her to the Johns Hopkins gynecology clinic. This hospital was known to be one of the best in the country. Henrietta decided to go and the Doctor Jones was there. He looked at this not and was shocked for he had never seen anything like it. He took samples and sent her home. In the story
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The story was written to tell her story and what happened with her family. The story tells all about her life and after she died. Henrietta made a big contribution to science even though she didn’t even know. Henrietta was a strong woman who helped do some amazing things. Even though her family was never told the book shows their side of the story and proves a point about certain things that needed to be done for science. The book is used to tell not only how HeLa was made but what also happened after it was made. The book is specifically designed for a reader to learn about a woman who contributed to science without her knowledge and what was to

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