The Immigration Of The United States Essay

1047 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Welcome to America In today 's United States, thousands of immigrants come from the prospect of seeking a better life with hopes and opportunities for themselves and their family. They also are trying to flee their war torn countries such as my parents from the Vietnam War. America has a lot of opportunities that many other countries citizen’s aren’t entitled to. These immigrants want what their former country didn’t have, such as the freedom of speech, liberty, religion, peaceful assembly and etc. Since every ethnic group in the U.S was an immigrant except the native Americans, everyone should be allowed the right to immigrate to the United State legally because we are a nation founded by immigrants. Immigration is much more beneficial to the United States for the reason that this assimilation of culture is what made our country competitive and great. America was a nation founded on immigrants. The founding fathers that started this country were products of immigrants. Immigrants traveled thousands of miles to a place they weren’t familiar with in hopes of seeking a better future. Everyone deserves to immigrate here legally because we are all immigrants and it 's only fair that we allow others to have what we already have. This mixture of culture is what gives our country the advantages over other countries. We are able to share our culture and knowledge with one another. We can expand our businesses to other countries in the world because second generation children…

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