The Immigration Issue Of Arizona Essay

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Immigration in recent years has become a high controversial issue in the nation especially in boarder state Arizona. The U.S Supreme Court signed SB1070, Arizona’s infamous anti-immigration law on June 25 2010, which expanded the right to authority personnel to demand for proof of legality if suspicion of being in the country illegally. SB1070 institutionalizes racial profiling by the mere fact that police officers oblige any person of color or with an accent to prove their immigratory status whether they may or not be citizens. This law allows not only officers but also anyone residing in Arizona to treat people based on their appearance rather than if their actions are of harm. Regardless of the big uproar this law caused not only in Arizona but also in the nation no governmental official for this law has asked if this was Arizona’s best option available. The biggest question now after SB1070 being implemented for a few years is has it solved the immigration issue in Arizona? Has it accomplished its goal and more than that?
Legislators more often than not have made immigration policies one sided without taking inconsideration the people who truly are affected by each bill and law affected. America is known for having a “broken” national immigration policy due to the immense disagreement between legislators and policymakers on all sides of the so-called political spectrum. Due to “the absence of a coherent, comprehensive immigration strategy has led to inexorable policy…

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