Essay about The Image Of The Male Athlete

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As we get older we gain new perspectives, as well as new ideas on things that we encounter throughout our life. In combination with this changing perspective, the world around us continues to change and evolve into something different than it was the previous day. One of the things that I have noticed with a new perspective was that of magazines that are engineered towards the male viewer, such as: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, or ESPN. The main factor being the display of the “male athlete” and not just what they look like, but the image that they give off as a whole. For my micro study I wanted to take the newly perceived image of the male athlete and cross examine it with how they are perceived by younger males. My main goal was that I wanted to see if how these athletes are represented in these magazines give off the idea that they are what is deemed “necessary” to be successful, if they were intimidating, or if they seemed more aggressive than males portrayed in fashion magazines such as GQ. Whenever I used to look through a Men’s Health magazine or something of similar nature I used to notice that they were similar to the women’s magazines. They both wanted to represent people in extraordinary shape in order to sell you a product. Riddled throughout the magazine are some form of advertisement of health supplements that “need” to be introduced into your body to gain an athlete style body. As time has passed on teenagers have become more and more introduced…

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