The Identity Of The Self Essay

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The identity of the self is always in fluctuation, the way in which it seems stable is through the repeated performance of language. Humans echo familiar language in a tessellation to project a holistic impression of the self to other people, who are able to relate to our identity through the shared use of these patterns and symbols of speech. Furthermore, language is sometimes performed in defiance of the normative language varieties, to reform the identity of the self. This is because it is possible to negotiate and stylise language itself, as both language and identity are fluid discursive constructions, which is evident by the fact that there are varieties of a single language that show the locality of the agent. We perform language to “reflect, create… and resist identities” (Maree, 2016) which will be the basis of this discussion. This will be portrayed through the use of rap music and “Global Englishes” (Pennycook, 518-521), which intersects with performed identities of race, nationality and class, as explored through Pennycook’s work, “Global Englishes, Rip Slyme and Performativity”.
In an era of globalisation, it would seem that there is a greater capacity to perform transnational identities through language due to increased exposure to English. This has raised concern over the use of English as a homogenous network (Pennycook, 516) used to index the identity of ‘whiteness’ as a linguistic normative and subordinate other identities (Alim, 126). English is not a…

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