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Well whenever people ask me the question “Who are you?” I usually respond back by telling them my name and that I am pursuing mechanical engineering major at SJSU. But my name and my major are not my only and complete identity. There is more to every person you see around yourself.
I would start revealing my identity by revealing my full name. As all the people at
SJSU know me as “KD”, I would like them to know that my full name is Karandeep Singh
Binner. My mother had decided that if she has a boy, his name would be Karan, after the great Hindu warrior in the most epic war of Hindu mythology, Mahabharata.
Starting with my ethnic background, I was born in a city named Chandigarh in India.
As I belong to Punjab, Punjabi is my mother tongue.
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I chose non- medical. It is the branch for students who aspire to become engineers and architects and is considered one of the toughest of all the branches. It demanded a great deal time and I usually had to skip my lunch in order complete my homework on time. Also, I was sleep deprived most of the time. In addition to this, what made it worse was the new school, I had recently enrolled into, didn’t really care whether the students were learning something or not. All they cared about was that the students should be getting good marks. It was a very result oriented learning and not quite knowledge oriented learning. This was the worst part of it all because

KARANDEEP BINNER 3 from the very beginning my parents always wanted me to gain knowledge and not just get good grades in exams. Even though good grades in exams are also important, but gaining knowledge should be one’s ultimate aim. Thus, I had to do all the knowledge based learning on my own. In a way, I had to first learn and then teach myself. Those two years of moral and physical turn and toil have been the toughest two years of my life till now. But there is
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From a brat who always asked for more from god and his parents, I have changed to a satisfied, god loving individual.
To be honest, this is who I want to be for the rest of my life. Even though I am saying that I am happy and satisfied with who I am, I have big dreams too. The most important thing in my life is the health and happiness of my family. Secondly, I want to serve and contribute to my community, my country and my people by working towards not just good but a great future. I think I’ll be able accomplish my goals of a great future by becoming a good and responsible citizen of this country.
For now, the most important issue concerning me is bullying and hazing at schools.Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. It is one of the biggest hindrances for a child to do well at school and also results in aloofness or even suicide.
Studies have shown that, a student’s performance tends to fall down if he or she is being bullied by someone.
At last I would like to end my essay with a quote which truly defines me and my thinking: -“I am a person of action, immovable in my determination, optimistic to

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