The Importance Of Identity

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Is first impressions the most important, because that is what everyone says. I believe it is the least important and what is most important is identity. People can identify you in many different ways. It can either be in a good way or a bad way. For William it was a bad way people were identifying him. Finding Forrester is an example of identity and the real purpose behind all of the identity. We do not have the power to define identity, because identity defines us. What we are is what our identity defines us to be and that's called destiny.
Identity can mean more than one definition. It is the definition of the outside and inside of a specific individual. Jamal is not just black basketball player and average in public school. He is actually
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Private school is not just of the smart kids but, also for rich kids. Some kids are not there for academics but, for the sports this school wants to be the best school. Jamal is from the bronchs and public schools. This is the first impressions the professor Mr. Crawford has made. Crawford doesn't believe a kid like Jamal can be this well and academic successful. “Perhaps your skills do reach farther than basketball.” (, 2000). However, Jamal is a very well brilliant writer learning from the top person. Bronchs run down, nothing good, worthless, however, Jamal is brilliant and amazing at what he does. Jamal is not the only thing that has came from there. William lives there. This brilliant rich writer lives there and bird watches and writes all day trying to find the identity of himself. When meeting each other they agreed that they would be a secret and keep to that. “ Whatever we write in this apartment stays in this apartment.” (, 2002). This is explaining their secretive relationship in the apartment. Sharing their true inner selves. And they help each other find themselves. Jamal made William him old self again. Towards the end William did something he thought of never doing. But, because Jamal needed his help and Jamal has been there when William has need Jamal help.Background is only a starting point it is not the ending

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