John Kaltner: Book Review

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Professor John Kaltner, known award winner for his writing, has a new book which offers an introduction to the Qur 'an. It goes over the contents, use of the sacred text, origin of it, and the structure of the Qur’an. Offering a selection of views, the work allows the modern reader to openly discuss and analyze the issues and themes of the Islamic holy book. After the introduction to the book that elaborates and situates how the Qur 'an is studied by Muslims and experienced in life, Kaltner 's book takes up themes chapter by chapter to allow a contemporary understanding and acceptance of the Qur 'an: Muslim life, the natural environment it is in, non-Muslims, gender and sexuality, life after death, war and peace, and jihad. Important sections …show more content…
As other religions have their themes, the Islamic religion follows and has similar ideals. With Kaltner’s experience and knowledge on the Islamic religion, as well as other religions, he helps expand my knowledge on the Muslim culture, ideals, and so forth as earlier stated. Interestingly enough Kaltner was also able to help me trust his writing with his credentials. John Kaltner is Professor of Muslim-Christian Relations at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. His other works are as follows: Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know (Fortress, Facets, 2003), he coauthor’s What Do Our Neighbors Believe? Questions and Answers on Judaism, Christianity and Islam …show more content…
Several people I’d see as those whom may be interested for specific reasons. Scholars looking to get an insight on the Islamic religion would be who I would recommend to it first. As they are openly seeking an inside view and explanation to the religion for education purpose to either further, or use parts for academic furtherance. The second audience I’d recommend it to is young Muslims. As I do believe from reading this that Kaltner would be able to help also give them insight into the religion. In addition, this book can help set standards to their furtherance of their religion of choice. In addition; which ties into my third party I would recommend Introducing the Qur’an for Today’s Reader to; I would say this would be a good early study guide, if one would say, to help better a basis and answer questions. As the last sentence ties into the third party I would recommend Introducing the Qur’an for Today’s Reader to, I also can consider recommending this to theological scholars and pastors, priests, bishops, and so have you. It would help better their understanding, as it would also better answer their questions that may be present or questions of those from their congregations. The last recommendation I have is for the book to be kept on the list for future classes, and may it also be recommended to those who seek a better

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