The Idea Of The British Empire Essays

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The idea of the British Empire was reliant on it colonies from overseas, dependents, and other interest beyond the English Island. With this the people of the colonies were seen in different perspectives. From the start, the purpose of British colonies were to gain wealth, resources from those places and to mark Great Britain’s place in the world, what better way than planting the “Union Jack” in distant lands. Such as Ireland, India, the Americas, and other continents. The role of government for these ventures was of utmost importance. “After 1801, the kingdom-now consisting of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England, together known as the United Kingdom-was governed solely and as one from London” (Levine 3). For the people of the English colonies around the globe the treatment they received Great Britain often had repercussions, for good or ill. And there was noticeable change going on during this time for these settlements in far off lands. The situation of Ireland, especially Northern Ireland is a controversial topic, to this day. The English had and still have a complicated relationship with the Irish people. Although, from the readings I can see that things are not as bad as they use to be. For example, there is a certain list called Hugh O’Neill’s War Aims. This has the demands and goals by an Irish lord who wanted to spell out the fact that if Ireland was going to be a subject of the British crown and rule then some objectives had to be in place. The writing of this…

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