Essay on The Idea Of Self Government

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The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution, “We the People”. It’s about control of the government body by its own members - citizens. Citizenship is a bond that extends beyond basic kinship to unite people of different genetic backgrounds. It is a legal status defined by civil, political and social rights. It generally describes the relationship between a person and the overall political ruling body. In other words, it signifies a membership in that body, on the basis that the people generally have some political participation.Citizenship in ancient times was simpler than the modern world, as it described the changing relationship between an individual and the state. As the world grew, citizenship began to take on a relationship more based on law, with less political participation. “Good citizenship includes behaving in accordance with the rules, norms and expectations of our own state and society.” In modern democracies, citizenships have a contradictory concept; people either want to be seen as liberal-individuals that emphasizes the needs, but with the entitlement and legal protection for being essentially a passive political being. On the other hand, a civic-republican that emphasizes political participation, where its citizenship means an active relation with specific privileges and obligations. The idea of citizenship relating to a democratic self-government has a lot do with what is a good citizen. The liberals would consider a good…

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