The Idea Of De Extinction Essay

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In June of 1993, the much anticipated Jurassic Park was introduced to theaters everywhere, which, according to Box Office Mojo, generated over $47,000,000 in profits on its opening weekend alone. The movie, detailing mass panic as carnivorous dinosaurs, painstakingly brought back from extinction, break away from their artificial habits and wreak havoc on their keepers, both captivated and horrified the imagination of its viewers. Although the events portrayed by Jurassic Park have forever remained in the realm of science fiction, the idea of de-extinction has not.
De-extinction is a fundamentally awesome, but fundamentally flawed idea. It is hard to ignore the wonder that one may feel as they gaze upon a fully grown, functioning Woolly Mammoth, or the once copious flocks passenger pigeons. Successfully replicating and re-introducing extinct animals into the environment, or even on a small scale, producing a lone, viable individual of a once extinct species, would be a tremendous leap forward for science, and for mankind. However, that same sense of wonder and awe can easily blind us to the realities of a situation. It is tragically easy to lose sight of what it would take and the resources required to turn de-extinction into a viable method of repopulation. De-extinction is an impractical approach to re-population and conservation, and therefore should not be pursued by science because it shifts resources away from currently endangered animals, and we cannot justify…

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