Cycles Of Life Research Paper

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The Cycles of Life By Max Hennemann

Biogeochemical Cycles are the ways in which energy and elements flow throughout an ecosystem. These cycles are important because they transport the elements that we need to survive.
The Hydrologic Cycle
Also known as the Water Cycle
Hydrologic Cycle Description The hydrologic cycle focuses on the movement of water throughout the environment. It depicts how H20 changes states in the cycle. Humans impact the hydrologic cycle when we consume, dam, and pollute water.
Hydrologic Cycle Steps
(part 1)
* The first step of the Hydrologic Cycle is evaporation, where water H20 heats to become moist air.
* Next, the water vapor cools and condenses, forming clouds.
* Precipitation occurs when water particles fall
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The Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen Description Nitrogen is a key element to the survival of organisms. Nitrogen makes up 78% of Earth’s atmosphere and is found in proteins and DNA. Humans release nitrogen into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels, contributing to acid rain and the greenhouse effect.
Nitrogen Cycle Steps
(part 1)
* Most nitrogen is stored in organic matter. When this organic matter dies and decomposes, the nitrogen becomes ammonium salts through the process called mineralization. The nitrogen found in organic matter goes from ammonia (NH3-) to ammonium salts (NH4+).
* The process of nitrification converts ammonia (NH3) to nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The chemical formula is NH3 + 1.5 O2 --> NO2- + H+ + H20.
Nitrogen Cycle Steps
(part 2)
* Denitrification is the process where nitrate leaks to the ocean or the soil and is then returned to the atmosphere.
* Plants can absorb nitrates (NO3-) as well, which is turned back into the cycle when these plants are consumed by animals.
Nitrogen Cycle Steps
(part 3)
* Nitrate can be lost in soil and back into bodies of water. This process is called

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