The Hydrogen Bomb

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The Atomic bomb is the most controversial weapon ever made by man; first used by the United States of America during World War Two, it evaporated tens of thousands of people In seconds and destroyed whole cities. The Atomic bomb was devastating but not devastating enough for the U.S. Government who started another bomb project only this time experimenting with Hydrogen. Thus the Hydrogen bomb was created; a bomb that was feared by all people who knew about it. This paper will give one a good understanding of how the first atomic bomb rattled many and how nuclear weaponry has evolved over the decades through the Cold War onto the present.
In 1945 the second world War was ending and there was no doubt that the allies were going to win. The
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Once they had created their first Atomic bomb they too started the project of creating a Hydrogen bomb. The project was led by Dr. Sakharov the head nuclear scientist of the Soviet union. He was solely responsible for most of the Soviet’s progress with nuclear weaponry. He recalls the times he watched the testings in Kazakhstan and how they tried to test in rural areas but at some location a civilian or two were in the radiation radius and had fatal injuries. The best and largest Hydrogen bomb ever made by the Soviet Union and man itself was the Tsar Bomba. This Hydrogen bomb yielded a payload of 50,000 megatons and could be seen over several miles away; this was Sakharov 's proudest creation. Sakharov recalls the time when the Tsar was supposed to be dropped but was canceled due to weather; the plane almost flew into the airport on the way back which would have set off the bomb creating a nuclear blast. The pilot was got control of the airplane and successfully landed. When the test was redone on a calmer day Sakharov remembers the bomb completely destroying the island and evaporating the water around it. This time the government made sure the test was in a non-populated area, miles away from any human life. The Tsar bomb would be the last soviet Hydrogen bomb ever made by the Soviet Union; Russia itself is another story it cannot be confirmed whether or not they have …show more content…
Britain created their first Atomic bomb in the 1950‘s but failed to get enough help from the United States to build their own Hydrogen bomb. The British tested their bombs in the deserts of Australia where they also tested their “secret” cobalt bomb which was to make a longer lasting fallout with radiation; like the Hydrogen bomb it was also deemed unstable and research was stopped. France just like Britain also failed at making a Hydrogen bomb but has confirmed claims of creating an Atomic bomb. Many other countries have claimed to have made a nuclear bomb but those claims have not been confirmed as being

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