Hydrogen Bomb: A Controversial Weapon

The Atomic bomb is the most controversial weapon ever made by man; first used by the United States of America during World War Two, it evaporated tens of thousands of people In seconds and destroyed whole cities. The Atomic bomb was devastating but not devastating enough for the U.S. Government who started another bomb project only this time experimenting with Hydrogen. Thus the Hydrogen bomb was created; a bomb that was feared by all people who knew about it. This paper will give one a good understanding of how the first atomic bomb rattled many and how nuclear weaponry has evolved over the decades through the Cold War onto the present.
In 1945 the second world War was ending and there was no doubt that the allies were going to win. The
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Government knew that the Soviet Union would want to replicate this technology so the U.S started work on an even bigger bomb; the Hydrogen bomb (Nuclear). The United States assigned their top scientist Edward Teller to lead the project. The scientist produced many Hydrogen bombs all variants of each other to find what would be the best combination for a perfect bomb. Out of their main research location located in Los Alomos the scientist had created a range of nuclear weapons from the small Mike Shot with a 10 megaton payload for destroying towns to the 12,000 megaton payload of Castle Romeo. Thoughts of destroying wildlife was a concern to many political leader so they moved the Nuclear test to islands on the coast to ensure maximum protection of people and wildlife; the original test sites were done in government owned lands in what some people call Area 51. The largest United States Hydrogen bomb was the Castle Bravo, due to the massive size of the bomb it had to be built on site inside a garage on a small island. this would be the last Hydrogen bomb ever made by the United …show more content…
In 1953 The Soviet Union built there first Atomic bomb and detonated somewhere in the deserts of Kazakhstan. This was not startling to the Americans until only two years later the soviet union produced their first and final Hydrogen Bomb. This bomb was code named Tsar Bomba; translated into King Bomb for it had the biggest pay load of fifty thousand megatons. After the United States and the Soviet Union built and tested their Hydrogen bombs they never made and more, at least for service. The Hydrogen bomb was deemed unfit for service by both countries due to the unpredictable composition that made up the bomb. Once the Hydrogen bomb was deemed unsafe it was cast aside and research was then focused on a more controllable type of missile. When Eisenhower came to be president of the United States he declared that Nuclear weapon projects were to have a reduced payload size; this in turn birthed the Thermonuclear Bomb. The Thermonuclear bomb then became the most widely stockpiled nuclear weaponry to this date because it was stable and had a considerably larger blast then the Atomic weapons used on Japan during World War two. Though the Hydrogen Bomb was put aside until further research could be be made to make it more stable it will always remain the largest man

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